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Welfare Services


Makerere University has six halls of residence for male students and three for female students. Each student is admitted to the membership of one of these Halls as a resident or non-resident. Scholars that are admitted as non-residents are placed in private hostels that are contracted by the University to provide accommodation services for Mastercard Foundation Scholars. The contracted hostels are with in close vicinity to the University and provide double occupancy rooms, provide safety for Scholars and their property, have electricity, safe running water at all times, adequate washroom facilities, shuttles for transportation and decent reading facilities. Upon successful recruitment on the Program, a Scholar is allocated accommodation space for the duration of their programme of study.


Makerere University has a hospital that comprises various units which render different services to the University Community. It offers both curative and preventive services.  It is mandatory for every student to register and undergo a complete medical examination at University Hospital. In addition Scholars are enrolled onto a medical insurance scheme for a comprehensive medical cover that covers outpatient and inpatient services covering general medicine, surgery, optical and dental services and emergency services.


Scholars are facilitated with funds for local travel to return to their homes and back to the University at the end of every semester. Internationals Scholars are equally facilitated with air tickets to return to their home countries for semester holidays.