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Committed to holistic development of the scholars

Psychosocial Support

The Scholars Program prides itself in offering Psychosocial support as part of a comprehensive and developmental program that addresses development of academic, career, personal and social skills as well as competencies based on important Scholar dataset.

Psychosocial support is provided to individual Scholars and their families where necessary. Psychosocial support is an integral and essential component of the educational process for all Scholars as they progress through the education system. The need for psychosocial support is dictated by the complexity of the human growth process, the demands on youth and the ever-changing nature of society.

Each Scholar is encouraged to seek for individual counselling support at least once in a semester, just to ensure that they are doing well on all aspects of life and where there are challenges, regardless of the nature, they are equipped with knowledge and skills to resolve them effectively.

Welfare Services


Makerere University has six halls of residence for male students and three for female students. Each student is admitted to the membership of one of these Halls as a resident or non-resident. Scholars that are admitted as non-residents are placed in private hostels that are contracted by the University to provide accommodation services for Mastercard Foundation Scholars. The contracted hostels are with in close vicinity to the University and provide double occupancy rooms, provide safety for Scholars and their property, have electricity, safe running water at all times, adequate washroom facilities, shuttles for transportation and decent reading facilities. Upon successful recruitment on the Program, a Scholar is allocated accommodation space for the duration of their programme of study.


Makerere University has a hospital that comprises various units which render different services to the University Community. It offers both curative and preventive services.  It is mandatory for every student to register and undergo a complete medical examination at University Hospital. In addition Scholars are enrolled onto a medical insurance scheme for a comprehensive medical cover that covers outpatient and inpatient services covering general medicine, surgery, optical and dental services and emergency services.


Scholars are facilitated with funds for local travel to return to their homes and back to the University at the end of every semester. Internationals Scholars are equally facilitated with air tickets to return to their home countries for semester holidays.


Academic & Career Support


Academic support is one of the services extended to the Scholars by the Program. Academic support is directly related to the virtue of excellence as one of the key tenets of the Scholars. Just like in any venture or executing any assignment, challenges could be encountered and that is why the Scholars Program gives appropriate support to Scholars to enable them complete their different programmes of study. This entails academic advising for academically challenged Scholars both as individuals and in college based clusters/ groups. Additionally, access to online and other academic material, library resources, training in managing different learning styles. Research, academic internships, practicum, field attachment, academic field tours and trips, recess term activities among others.


Career development is central to the operations of the Scholars Program. It fosters transition to the different pathways including further education, formal employment and entrepreneurship. This happens right from the time Scholars report to the University through orientation, choice of courses (Major & Minor courses), mapping of one’s career especially with the employment of the career wheel among others. This is enabled through functional partnerships with agencies who share a cause with the Scholars Program regarding career advancement including professional etiquette in the world of work, sharing training and work opportunities among others.


The Mentoring Program of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars at Makerere University was started in 2015/2016. The program was designed to prepare the Scholars for a successful academic learning, leadership, career, entrepreneurship and personal development.

Each Scholar on the Program has an opportunity to choose a mentor from a pool of academic staff of the University and external key individuals carefully appointed by the office of the Vice Chancellor.

The mentorship program provides the opportunity to inspire Personal and professional development and success. The Scholars who are the mentees in this case are helped to become familiar with the university environment (academic and socio-cultural Identify career paths through self-awareness of professional and personal knowledge, skills, talents and attitudes to support their personal growth. The Mentees also acquire knowledge and tools to make ethical and informed decisions through learning and professional networking skills. Lastly, the Mentoring relation enables a community of practice with of confident graduates with excellent leadership skills, communication, critical thinking, professionalism and other skills important to the transition to the world of work.