Wamozo Cosmos

Name : Wamozo Cosmos
Student Number : 216007584
Registration Number : 16/U/12299/EVE
Date of Birth : 9th October 1992
Sex : Male
Nationality : Ugandan
District of Origin : Kayunga
Programme : Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
College College of Computing and Information Systems
Hall of Residence : Lumumba
Period of Study : 2016 – 2020
Email : wcosmos75@gmail.com
Mobile Number : +256750532922

Cosmos is the last born out of four children raised by a single mother after his father passed away when he was only two years old. His mother- a subsistence farmer could only manage to grow food for home consumption. Cosmos however, managed to grow above the challenges as he attended Universal Education Systems for the better half of his academic journey.

After excelling Primary Leaving Examinations in the first grade with 8 aggregates, He joined Namugayi Secondary School and struggled to complete Uganda Certificate of Education with 16 aggregates. He was then covered under BRAC scholarship to attend St Joseph’s Nagalama where he finally got to achieve 18 points at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education. Because of his love for technology, Joseph’s career aspiration is to join the team of software technicians who will take Uganda’s technology industry to the next era.