Umutoni Honorine

Name : Umutoni Honorine
Student Number : 216002229
Registration Number : 16/X/2370/PS
Date of Birth : 31st January 1996
Sex : Female
Nationality : Ugandan
District of Origin : Ruhango
Programme : Bachelor of Information Technology
College College of Computing and Information Sciences
Hall of Residence : Mary Stuart
Period of Study : 2016 – 2019
Email :
Mobile Number : +25678256340

Honorine hails from Ruhango District in Rwanda. She is the only child of her mother while her father has seven other children. Because her father suffers from chronic illnesses, the responsibility of taking care of Honorine and her half siblings is left to her mother- a subsistence farmer. She went to public schools for Primary Level Education where she scored 26 aggregates and at her Ordinary Level Education,

she attained 67 aggregates at Groupe Scolaire Notre Dame Secondary School. At her Advanced Level Education, she was a beneficiary of Imbuto Non-Profit Foundation founded by Rwanda’s First Lady Her Excellence Mrs. Jeannette Kagame. Her career aspiration is to participate in Information Technology Programs at a professional level. She also dreams of setting up systems in her home area that can help transform the lives of vulnerable students.