Andrew Esanyu




PROGRAMME: Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics

COLLEGE: College of Business and Management Sciences

STUDY PERIOD: 2015 to 2018 


Andrew is the first born in the family of the six children. He was raised by a single mother who is a primary school teacher and the ultimate bread winner of the family. Through a lot of financial hardships, his mother was able to support him through the primary and lower secondary level of education. When all hope of continuing with his education was waning, The MasterCard Foundation at Brac offered him a scholarship, and with it, he was able to complete his advanced level (A ‘level) of education at Teso College Aloet, where he excelled in the final exams in 2014.

Luck was once again on his side, when he was selected for The MasterCard Foundation scholarship to study at Makerere University. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics, with which he hopes to get a first class score and launch himself in the world of academics. With such performance, Andrew hopes to be in a better position to explore all opportunities that life has in store for him. Most especially, he has a vision of being the messiah of positive change in his community.

He is very grateful to The MasterCard Foundation for restoring his hope, and as it were the sky is the limit for him now.

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