Nabbosa Rebecca

GENDER: Female



PROGRAMME: Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition

COLLEGE: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

STUDY PERIOD: 2015 to 2018


After the death of her father, Rebecca and her four siblings were left in the hands of her single mother. Growing up in a poverty stricken house hold taught her that hard work and endurance are sometimes the only things a person can afford. Her mother could only support her through lower level education. She was, however, bailed out of her misery by a Scholarship by The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Brac. This made her the first person in her family ever to attend school. With the Scholarship secured, she joined St. Mary’s College Lugazi for her A’ level, where she did Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. While a Scholar at Brac, she attended many workshops, conferences and community service days, which exposed her to suffering in the community. She appreciated the value of empathy and does not hesitate to come to the aid of someone in need. During her vacation, she worked closely with Reproductive Health Uganda, an organisation dedicated to promoting sexual and reproductive health rights. She has also worked with Let Girls Lead organization committed to promoting girls’ rights. Seeing people die in her country because of cancer and other nutritional diseases inspired her to pursue a degree in Human Nutrition, when she joined Makerere University through The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Scholarship. 


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