Nabifo Moreen

GENDER: Female



PROGRAMME: Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiography

COLLEGE: College of Health Sciences

STUDY PERIOD: 2015 to 2018


Moreen is the first child in a family of six children and two dependants. Her parents are both teachers, whose meagre income could not support all the children to go to school. Moreen was bailed out by a Scholarship from The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Brac. She joined Mbale Secondary School for her ‘O’ Level and Trinity College Nabbingo for her ‘A’ Level. She excelled in her final exams in 2014 and joined Makerere University through another Scholarship by The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University. Today, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Radiography, and she aspires to use the skills and knowledge from her course for the benefit of people in her community. She is already a volunteer in the cleaning up of Mbale main hospital and also visits children’s wards to offer help, where possible. She also sensitizes people regarding cancer, so that they can go for screening of the disease and get early treatment. She contends that all this would not have been possible without the generosity of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Brac and Makerere University.

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