Leadership Development & Volunteerism

Training and experience in leadership and social entrepreneurship is an integral part of the Program and will ensure Scholars are not only academically challenged, but also socio-economically aware and engaged citizens of the continent.

All Scholars will attend the Student Orientation Leadership Training Programme. Participants gain an understanding of communication skills, mentorship and team-work; a deeper sensitivity to diversity, and insight into the promotion of a human rights based society.
The Program encourages volunteerism, social awareness and activism during their tenure at Makerere University. Peer mentors will monitor their engagement in at least one community service initiative.

There are more than 200 student-run societies and organisations including MCF Scholars Association at Makerere University reflecting a wide range of interests, including academic, religious, cultural, social, political and social responsiveness (community outreach) activities.

These programs promote values of equity, diversity, active citizenship, ethical leadership, social integration, student volunteerism and social responsibility. Each Scholar will be encouraged to join at least one of these societies.