Sparky Thermal Dehydrator

Sparky Thermal Dehydrator, a Social Enterprise by a team of our scholars is now officially operating in Mbale District changing lives of many Farmers. Thanks to the Resolution Project, The MasterCard Foundation and the mastermind group of young, brilliant minds zelous to create change in their community. Kayiza IsmaOkettayot LawrenceNsubuga Thomas and Morris Esther Opiyo

Enabling farmers to effectively dry large quantities of produce – allowing for bulk production and reducing food waste.

“We were thinking aloud, asking ourselves, how come the sun dries things but not a charcoal stove?”
In Mbale, Uganda, food preservation can be difficult because weather conditions are often so unpredictable, making it hard for farmers to adequately process and store large harvests. The Sparky Thermal Dehydrator team won the Resolution Social Venture Challenge for their dehydrator, providing a solution for farmers who are losing crops before they can be sold.” Read more on: 

Girls Alive Uganda

2018 Social Venture Challenge Winners

Team Members: Marion Apio, Susan Lokolimoe and Susan Mutoni

Tororo, Uganda

Marion Apio, Lokolimoe Susan Hilda, and Mutoni Suzan | Makerere University

Girls Alive Uganda aims to address the lack of sanitary materials for vulnerable girls in Tororo District, Uganda. The project will produce and distribute affordable sanitary pads to reduce high rates of menstrual-related school absenteeism, which remains a key barrier to girls’ education in Uganda. Read more..

Rabbits for Education

2018 Social Venture Challenge Winners

Team Members: Myers Ndyabawe and Shirah Narinda

Kamwenge, Uganda

Myres Ndyabawe and Narinda Shirah | Makerere University

This project addresses the problem of primary school drop-out rates in a government-aided school in Kamwenge District, Uganda.  The project will provide participants with rabbits and will equip them with the skills they need to raise and care for them. The initiative also will help participants find a market, so they can generate income to support their education. Read more..

Youth Empowerment Uganda

2018 Social Venture Challenge Winners

Team members: Arkanjelo Akot and David Gai

Arua, Uganda

David Gai and Akot Arkanjelo | Makerere University

Youth Empowerment Initiative (YEI) is a student-run initiative that aims to build the capacity of youth and support primary school education in Yumbe District, Uganda. The project recruits and trains youth mentors to provide mentorship to primary school children and provides textbooks and lesson revision materials to upper primary classes. Read more..