Extension of Deadline – Call for Applications for Mastercard Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships at Makerere University

Extension of Deadline – Call for Applications for Mastercard Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships at Makerere University

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University informs the public that the deadline for submission of application forms for Undergraduate Scholarships to study at Makerere University during the Academic Year 2020/2021 has been extended from 15th May 2020 to 30th June 2020. Additionally, application forms can for now be submitted without the recommendation from the Head Teacher of the Applicants UACE School as earlier required. It was deemed necessary due to COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed by the Government of Uganda; potential applicants are not able travel to their former schools to get letters of recommendation. We encourage applicants to submit their application forms through our emails info@mcfsp.mak.ac.ug or applications@mcfsp.mak.ac.ug

Read full Notice on Extension of Deadline for Applications here

MCFSP Call for Applications 2020/2021

MCFSP Call for Applications 2020/2021

Since 2014, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University has provided scholarships to academically talented, yet economically disadvantaged students from Sub-Saharan Africa to access quality undergraduate education. The Program focuses on developing transformative leaders and encouraging them to be active contributors to society. Recipients of this scholarship are provided with comprehensive financial, academic, career as well as social support for the entire period of their study at the University. Makerere University is pleased to announce 51 undergraduate scholarship opportunities for the
academic year 2020/2021.


a) Only youth in the categories below qualify to apply:

i. Refugees living in Uganda

ii. Internally displaced youth

iii. Students who completed the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) from schools located in Northern Uganda.

iv. Students who completed Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) from schools located in Eastern Uganda.

b) Must have completed the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) in 2018 or 2019 and must not be a registered student of any other University/Institution.

c) Must be admitted on private scheme to study at Makerere University main campus in the academic year 2020/2021. This means that in order to fit within the admission guidelines, all Scholarship applicants should endeavor to apply for admission when Makerere University advertises for private sponsorship.

d) Must be from an economically disadvantaged background.

e) Should exhibit academic excellence in either Sciences or Arts with a minimum of 11 points for young women and 13 Points for young men obtained in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E) or its equivalent obtained in 2018 and 2019.

f) Must demonstrate leadership potential and have a record of community service.

g) Should not be a holder of any other Scholarship.


a) Applicants should obtain and complete the Scholarship Application Forms at no cost from Makerere University, Senate Building Level 4, Room 402, or Download the application forms from the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere website on http://mcfsp.mak.ac.ug or visit Makerere University website at www.mak.ac.ug

b) Submit completed application forms to the address in (1) above by 5.00pm on Friday 15th May 2020. If submitting by email as an attachment, ensure the scanned copy of the scholarship application form is clearly legible and send to info@mcfsp.mak.ac.ug. or applications@mcfsp.mak.ac.ug


a) Whereas both young men and women applicants are eligible, young women applicants will be given priority.

b) This program exercises merit principles and zero tolerance to dishonesty. Any form of influence pedaling by anybody will lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant.

c) Cases of impersonation, falsification of documents, giving false and or incomplete information whenever discovered will lead to automatic disqualification and or prosecution in the courts of law of Uganda.

d) Makerere University appeals to the public to be aware of fraudsters within or outside of the University, who might want to take advantage of the scholarship application process by way of selling scholarship forms, or soliciting for money in the hope of securing an applicant a scholarship. Mastercard Foundation Scholarship application form is free of charge; individuals caught in the act of defrauding the public will be prosecuted in courts of law.

e) Only successful applicants will be notified at every step of the scholarship application process, and the decision of the Selection Committee will be final in the awarding of the Scholarship.

f) While the scholarship is a preserve of students admitted to Makerere University, the Scholarship Coordination Office is not responsible for the requirements for admission into Makerere University. All potential Scholarship applicants should meet the necessary requirements to be admitted into the University on the private sponsorship scheme.

g) Those applicants who will not have heard from us by Friday 28th August, 2020 should consider their application unsuccessful.

See full Call for 2020/2021, and Application Form download links here below:

Call for Applications – 2020/2021

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Final List of Cohort Five Scholars – Academic Year 2019/2020

Final List of Cohort Five Scholars – Academic Year 2019/2020

We would like to congratulate the following students who won the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship for Academic Year 2019/2020. We would like to thank all the applicants who applied for the Scholarship, unfortunately, we could not take everybody, therefore those who did not make it, hard luck! You can try another time when the scholarship is advertised. The recruitment process has been concluded, so if you haven’t heard from us by now, that means your application was unsuccessful, unfortunately.

 Final List of Cohort Five Scholars – Academic Year 2019/2020

432 Cohort Five Scholars awarded MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

432 Cohort Five Scholars awarded MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

One of the Scholars receiving her Scholarship Award letter from the Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe. On right, is Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi, the Chairperson of Selection Committee of the Scholars Program at Makerere University.

It was a cheerful moment when the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe handed over Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Award letters to 432 Cohort five (5) Scholars. The colorful ceremony was held on 9th August 2019 at Makerere University.

In 2014, Makerere University entered a partnership with Mastercard Foundation to offer scholarships to 1,000 academically bright but economically disadvantaged youth from Africa to study at Makerere University from 2013 to 2023. The project worth US $ 21 Million is being implemented by Planning and Development Directorate (PDD) with the aim of developing the next generation of African leaders and also promoting the strategic objectives of Makerere University and Mastercard Foundation of contributing to Africa’s higher education sector and development.

The first Cohort Scholars that started in academic year 2014/2015 comprised 49 students and the number has been multiplying at each intake.

Addressing Scholars at the Scholarship Award Ceremony in the Makerere University Central Teaching Facility 2, the Vice Chancellor welcomed students to Makerere University and congratulated them upon successfully attaining the prestigious Mastercard Foundation Scholarship. He advised them to effectively utilize the opportunity provided to them by Mastercard Foundation and Makerere University to transform not only their lives but also their societies.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe addressing Scholars at the Scholarship Award Ceremony in the Makerere University Central Teaching Facility 2

“Your path as a future leader starts right here, engaging in constructive intellectual debates, leadership activities, research and innovations. If you stay on this path, we have no doubt that on graduation day you will stand tall and pride in yourself, as a model citizen ready to develop life impacting innovations and solutions that can change your community,” he advised.

Prof. Nawangwe emphasized the need for academic excellence and advised the Scholars to utilize the resources and student support services provided under the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program in order to excel in their academics.

“Do not be marginalized because of your background, instead work hard, acquire good grades and leave the University with the best degree,” he said.

He thanked the Members of the Advisory, Steering and Selection Committees of Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University and Mentors for ensuring that the program is on course. The Vice Chancellor also thanked the Program Implementation Team for the job well done.

Dr. Justine Namaalwa, the Program Coordinator at Makerere University said that the Selection Committees received 4,700 applications for the available limited slots. She thanked the Committee for doing a tremendous job of selecting the Scholars.

“It was a challenging task but you performed it to your best. This year, we awarded a total of 432 Scholarships, of which 94% are Ugandans and 6% are international students from Burundi, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Cameroon,” Dr. Namaalwa said.

The Vice Chancellor posing for a photo with the Scholars and some members of the members of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program coordinating team at Makerere University.

The Chairperson of Selection Committee Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi applauded his team for its professionalism, integrity and honesty throughout the entire process.

To the scholars, Prof. Mushengyezi said, “this is a new chapter presented before you. You have gone through a lot to acquire this scholarship. This is the right time to start building your dream and career, therefore I inspire you to work hard to achieve a bright future.”

The Principal Public Relations Officer Ms. Ritah Namisango applauded Mastercard Foundation for instilling a give back culture among scholars. She called upon the scholars to fully engage in the university give back activities such as the Makerere University Endowment Fund Run that will be held on 15th September 2019 that is geared towards the construction of the students Centre.

Munduru Pretty, a Mastercard Foundation Scholar in the 5th cohort, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Developmental Economics at Makerere University thanked Mastercard Foundation for the great opportunity that saved her from getting married at an early stage due to lack of finances for her education after senior six.

She urged fellow Scholars to commit themselves towards achieving their goals since the scholarship is a big step towards their future. The invited guests and Scholars were treated to African traditional dances and live band by students from the Department of Performing Arts and Film.

Article by: Makerere University Public Relations Office and the Communications Unit of the Scholars Program.