Tusubiira Joan participates in the Sensitization and education of girls about menstrual health

Tusubiira Joan participated in the Sensitization and education  of girls about menstrual health. She donated pads to and also taught them about proper usage.


Susan Atii participates in a campaign for creating cancer awareness

Susan Atii participated in a campaign for creating cancer awareness in order to live in a cancer free world in years to come

Simon Oloo Harnest visits Kalrash nursery and primary school and talked to pupils, give career guidance and motivates best performers

Simon Oloo Harnest visited Kalrash nursery and primary school and talked to pupils, which included Academic guidance and motivated best performers through awards and gifts. His birthday this year was  dedicated it to reaching to the young ones of Mulanda Primary schools(village school)in Mulanda subcounty Tororo district and talked to the pupils encouraging them to work hard and also offered Scholastic materials to 67 P.7 Candidates.


Nziabake Anne Luise participates in a tree planting activity implemented by Airqo Uganda

Nziabake Anne Luise participated in a  tree planting activity which was being implemented by airqo Uganda which aims at purifying the environment through tree planting. The trees were planted around College Of Computing And Information Sciences at Makerere University.

Nuwahereza Mellon participates in tree planting along Bwaise road, Kampala

Nuwahereza Mellon participated in tree planting and this was carried out along Bwaise road a few meters from Bugema university Kampala.

Naalu Peace an aspiring Extension Worker uses her skills and knowledge to mobilise and teach community members of Igerera village, Namutumba district

Naalu Peace is an aspiring Extension Worker, she used the skills and knowledge gained  to mobilise and teach community members of of igerera village,nakalokwe parish, namutumba district.  Through the help of the local leaders like chair person LC1 and church leaders she managed to get a big number of community members and they were able to form two groups. The purpose of these groups is to help farmers and local small entrepreneur to get external support, save among themselves and use the savings to develop themselves. She has plans of training farmers on good farming practises.

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