Name : Caroline NAMALIILI
Program of study  :

Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics

College  :

College of Business and Management Science

Nationality : Ugandan 
Sex : Female
Cohort : 2017 

Caroline is the 1st born of four children. She lives with only her mother after her father passed away in 2000. Her mother is a market vendor in Jinja district. She benefited from the Forum for African Educationist (FAWE) scholarship for her ordinary level at Nabisunsa Girls’ school. FAWE’s contact was ending at ordinary so she had to work hard and search for another scholarship for advanced level. She applied and got the MasterCard at BRAC for her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education at Hilton High school where she studied Physics, Economics and Mathematics and scored 14 points. She wants to become a noble Statistician working with Uganda Bureau of Statistics.