48 thoughts on “Call for Academic Year 2019/2020 Scholarship Applications Now Open. Click to see full advert.

  1. I am so interested in this.
    I need help with how to do the application.
    Thank u for the great opportunities always MCF

  2. I am a diploma holder in civil engineering and an orphan, am seeking for a scholarship in higher diploma in civil engineering

  3. Thanks so much for the opportunity i hope tou could help my sister who is in her vaccation but tutirion is now a problem hope to fill the form but where do we submit the forms after filling them thanks Nambasa Cate

  4. My name is Waiswa-edgar-Marvin
    A f6 vacist of the year 2018,i pursued HEL/SM at Jinja progressive academy
    I am an orphan of a father and i have been raised and funded by my single mother ever since 2010 when i was in p5
    I got 8aggs in PLE,42aggs in OLevel but in an upcoutry school
    When results come back hoping for the best…i want to move on with a career in economics or accounting at Makerere University 🇺🇬
    An admission on surponsorship will be of great help to me and my mother who has two other sister in high school to cater for
    Yours sincerly,
    Waiswa edgar marvin

  5. master card has done great for us the Africans because most of us have got a chance to be educated because of master card we greatly appreciate you for what you have done for us the Africans

  6. Hello
    I am very happy to have access to contact you more easily online internet.Thank you and I enjoy studying hard for the occasion of this famous scholarship.

  7. Am so greatful
    I would prefer a bachelors degree in medicine ,Adult entery or bachelor in medicine and hospital health management

  8. Hi, i am a graduate of commerce and am looking for an opportunity to undertake postgraduate studies, preferably a Masters’ in Business Studies. At the moment,i am unemployed and have been for the past year. I am passionately engaged in various community projects(youth and others) where i live and i come from an extremely disadvantaged background having lost my Father as an infant and my mother when i was 8years; Staying in school up to the university was a miracle because it involved factors /efforts beyond my strength and comprehension.
    Please help me find me pursue my dream for postgraduate studies.

    Kind Regards

  9. I am a Sierra Leone with Agriculture background. I graduated with B.SC Hons Soil Science and i would like to know whether Makerere University offer fellowship for postgraduates in Agriculture fields?

  10. is this eligible to students with diploma in animal production and they want to go for there degree at makerere thank you.

  11. Thanks for showing love and giving a future for the betterment of generations.This love will always be remembered.

  12. good evening
    i would like to appreciate you for the good program mes and the support which you are offering to the Africans but now my inquiry is me i completed “A” BUT i didn’t go by those result i used “O” LEVEL and now i have a certificate in medical laboratory [laboratory assistant] and really i feel that i should upgrade but finance issues , now can i also qualify for this scholarship? and if yes what should i do?
    thank you

  13. Hello, it’s good news to here about this, i have been looking for scholarship since 2016 ans since then i have never succeed in one i believe at this time i will succeed

    Do you also sponsor the Masters, PHD programmeS
    I did a a bachelor’s degree in library and information science but because of the tuition constraints and responsibilities am an able to continue with the Masters degree of science in information science

  14. Thanks for the information,

    I am a form four secondary graduate from Kenya 2015, with A c+, I have not been able to continue with my education despite accepted by some universities due to fees.

    I am very much much committed to apply for this scholarship program and my prayers that I am among the winners.
    My passion is for nursing bachelors degree to be able to serve disadvantaged populations in developing countries.

    Thanks in advance.

    Cecilia Makokha

  15. I would like to study from ndejje university Kampala campus for the August intake..can I please get a scholarship at ndejje for weekend programs

  16. I am what I am because of the master card foundation scholars program at BRAC
    I thank you for your undefined support to me right away from my senior one in 2013 up to senior six in 2018
    I can’t pay it all but I promise to do my best to uplift MFC

  17. what are the requirements for admission on MasterCard scholarship? And when is the submission of applications starting?

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