MasterCard Foundation Scholars at Mak Give Back to Community

On 24th February 2017, the MasterCard Scholars at Makerere University visited Muzinda Church of Uganda Primary School in Nsangi Sub-County, Wakiso District for an outreach programme aimed at giving back to the community.

Organized by the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Association at Makerere University under the theme; Encouraging maximum participation and entrepreneurship within the Scholars to make meaningful impact, the scholars together with their administrators; Mr. Tito O. Okumu, Mr. Bernard Buteera and Ms. Harriet Nakiryowa, swept classrooms, slashed the compound, dug the school’s rubbish pit and cleaned the community well.

They donated pens, pencils and Toto magazines to the pupils, engaged them in several health activities such as counseling and guidance and Physical education (PE). Scholars also offered free medical and health checkups to pupils and community members of Muzinda Village.

“I applaud the students experience in carrying out the health checkups and medical examinations. It is indeed heartwarming to be examined by a student I consider to be my daughter. I am really happy for this experience, these students are so young but they know what they do,” said Ms. Goretti Nakigudde-a parent of two pupils at Muzinda Church of Uganda Primary School.

With the help of the community members, the scholars renovated the floor of the school’s Main Hall, reconstructed the former class room currently used as a resting room for staff and students. They also restructured the barbed wire fence of the school to mitigate security threats.

In addition, scholars offered free information on reproductive health, provided counseling and guidance as well as mentorship to community members, visited homes and donated some items to the elderly people.

The Head Teacher of Muzinda Church of Uganda Primary School, Mrs. Namuddu Sarah Mukhadasi commended the wonderful job done by the scholars and encouraged them to continue with the spirit of  helping communities.  She said that the Scholars’ visit will create a positive impact on the school and the community at large.

“We are so privileged that among the schools in the country MasterCard Scholars at Makerere University selected our school for this community activity. It is indeed a great honor to our school for having been visited by Makerere University. This visit has not only   inspired the pupils to read hard and reach Makerere University but also instilled the spirit of helping the community among the pupils,” she said.

The Head teacher called upon parents and pupils of Muzinda Church of Uganda Primary School to join hands and maintain the giving back to community project started in Muzinda Church of Uganda Primary School by the MasterCard Foundation Scholars. This, she said, would ensure that the project achieves its goal.

“The MasterCard Foundation Scholars at Makerere University will keep monitoring this project. So we have an obligation to see that this project creates its intended impact,” said the Head Teacher.

Ssematimba Jotham a Primary Six pupil of Muzinda Church of Uganda Primary Schools could not hide the excitement at his first ever association with university students. In an exclusive interview with Proscovia Nabatte, Ssematimba thanked the school Head Teacher Mrs. Namuddu Sarah Mukhadasi together with the school team for inviting guests who have changed their school.

“Our Main Hall has been cemented. I call upon my fellow students to imitate what the MasterCard Scholars have done and we help our community and the school at large,” said the jolly Ssematimba.

On behalf of MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University, Mr. Tito O. Okumu thanked the Head teacher and entire school team of Muzinda Church of Uganda for hosting MasterCard Scholars for a community outreach. Mr. Okumu thanked the community for the cooperation during the outreach activities and their polite acceptance to come and carry out health checkups.

He commended the pupils of Muzinda Church of Uganda Primary Schools for the discipline they exhibited during and after the community outreach. He urged the pupils to take their studies seriously if they wanted to excel in life.

“Use the pen and pencil carefully, work hard and be focused on who you want to be in the future,” he advised the pupils.

Article by Public Relations Office

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